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The Golden Group

What is The Golden Group

The Golden Group is a not-for-profit cultural and social Group for English-speaking persons who are retired (early retirement included) and semi-retired.

The Golden Group is a small, congenial, multi-cultural group of retired (early retirement and semi-retirement included) English-speaking singles and couples. We meet roughly twice per month, always on Thursdays, once to have lunch together and once for half-day and whole-day excursions, museum or exhibition visits, cooking demos, movie and theatre outings, hiking, swimming and more.

This is a non-profit group with a social and cultural aim. There is no subscription fee or permanent commitment. The choices will vary according to the wishes of the members of the group and will evolve with time, so let us hear about your ideas !

The Group was founded in autumn 1999 by Maya MARCUS.

So far there is no membership fee.

We welcome new members. Let us hear from you soon.