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Contact Maya MARCUS to learn about our next activities

Scrabble: please consult the Scrabble page
Scrabble, games in English and French.
Venue: at 14h30 (2.30 p.m.) at:

Restaurant MALAY,
Centre Sportif de Colovray,
Route de Genève 37, CH-1260 NYON
Tel.; 022 / 361 20 44

The restaurant is situated opposite the Nyon swimming pool
(on the other side of the Route Suisse road) on the first floor
of a pink building. There is plenty of free-of-charge parking
in front of the building. The restaurant is usually very quiet in the afternoon hours
and has lots of space and large windows, so that natural daylight
is sufficient. On darker days an artificial but pleasant lighting is
available. The cost will only involve buying one drink
(or more, or a piece of cake, only if you wish).



In the last months members of our Group met sporadically and spontaneously in small “sub-groups” and participated in different activities.


I would like to continue on this mode but introduce again several activities which will be announced formally to all members and that will, hopefully, attract many of you. I will appreciate it if you would :

1.                      Please announce your intention of participating. This will not commit you definitely as this first “general” meeting in 2004 is far ahead. However, it will give me an idea of the approximate number of participants. You can always just show up without registering, but I would appreciate your taking the time to announce your (possible) participation soon or when the date of venue approaches.

2.                      As the “critical mass” that once constituted the membership of the Golden Group has undergone some natural reduction, it would be kind of you if you could contact friends and acquaintances in order to try to increase the number of our active members.

3.                      Your ideas comments and initiatives will be highly appreciated.