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Maya, President

Postal address:
The Golden Group
c/o Mrs. Maya MARCUS
56, Grand Montfleury, 1290 Versoix / GE / Switzerland
Tel.: +41 22 950 03 03, Fax: +41 22 950 03 01

Activity and 
Activity coordinator
Mailing: Mr. Peter BRUMMER
Culture: Mrs. Sally BRUMMER
0033 / 450 04 63 12 (France)
Hiking and Brunches
Joseph and Regina HABEL
022 / 364 19 87 (CH)
022 / 950 03 03 (CH)
Mrs. Armelle PIRON 

Committee Member and
Science coordinator
Mr. Constantin PIRON
022 / 364 64 22 (CH)

New Participation policy : the member who intends to participate in an upcoming event (or events) is requested to inform Maya or the specific activity leader, or the host(ess) it will be specified in the schedule as soon as possible or at the fixed deadline date. In other words, there is no need to inform if you are not going to participate. Nonetheless, you can inform me, or the specific activity coordinator, about a prolonged absence, so that we have a rough idea of the number of potential participants.

Your input and contribution to the success of our Group: We welcome warmly your suggestions, comments, talking to other people about our Group and bringing them along if they are interested. Commitment to help an activity coordinator or become yourself an activity coordinator would be appreciated.